House of Whispering Firs


Tessie is our new Whispering Firs mascot and we know you will be excited to meet her.

I'll take care of the greeting chores from now on if you don't mind!

Wait a minute, let me check out that bone too!

Tessie greets her first WHISPERING FIRS customer

With all that rattan, we're rethinking this being a Tessie place

Always time for a nap

I am dog
I can sleep anywhere!

Some of the tricks I'm learning are very helpful.....

Some, NOT SO MUCH, Like chewing up my new $70 bed!

Tessie went to the vet in October for "THE BIG FIX" and was she glad to see us next day.
During the post-op discussion with the doctor, we expressed concern for her Lazy Ears.
Shortly after she got home, her right ear began to conform to normal lab style.
We're hopeful the left will follow soon!

At first Tessie was a little shy about climbing up in Santa's sleigh but with some
encouragement (cookie), she held still long enough for a couple of photos.
Before long we had to keep her out of the sleigh
so people could get their annual Christmas photo.

Tessie starts off Slow but anything that involves shredding paper must be fun.

Beginning to get the hang of
unwrapping her Christmas presents.

First Success!

I could learn to like this Christmas thing!
Tessie's first real snow experience
February, 2014

Playing in the snow with Taz
I'm wearing your "special" collar!


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